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I believe that sales is the connection between a problem and a solution. When done in the best interest of others, better salespeople and leaders can make the world a better place.

Carole Mahoney

Adaptable to any sales audience

Whether your audience is comprised of individual business owners to corporate teams, Carole’s keynotes can inspire and encourage how to be better salespeople.

Carole Mahoney

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Any keynote from the list below is data-driven, personable, and actionable.

Keynote 1

Buyer First:

Grow Your Business With Collaborative Selling

Carole teaches audiences that attitudes toward an action affect our ability to perform that action — meaning if we want to perform better in sales, we must move towards more positive attitudes toward sales. And it starts with putting buyers first.

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Keynote 2

Seller First: Inspire the Behaviors that Create the Outcomes

Inspire the Behaviors That Create the Outcomes

Carole shares her scientific secrets to sales managers and leaders on how to create the culture and processes that enable sellers to reach their full potential and put buyers first.

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Keynote 3

The Renaissance Age of Sales

Designed for executive leaders, this keynote serves to revolutionize how they approach sales strategy, messaging, and enablement. Using the comparison to how the medical profession went from distrusted to highly respected during The Renaissance, Carole shares how sales can follow the same path with data from over 2.2 million sales professionals and the science of human behavior.

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