Speaker Intro

She is an author, keynote speaker, and sales mentor who is changing the way the entire sales industry sees itself — and how buyers see it too.

She has been called the “Sales Therapist” by a Harvard Business School professor. She coaches Harvard Business School Entrepreneurial MBA students on sales, has been featured as a top 15 sales Influencer in 2020 by LinkedIn, a Woman to Watch in Sales by Sales Hacker, and a top sales coach by Ambition.

She has the heart of a teacher and the spirit of a coach, and she’s ready to share how you can unlock the success you’ve never thought possible. Please welcome to the stage, Carole Mahoney!

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Written bio

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, the surprising, real story of Carole Mahoney is that she used to hate sales — that is, until she taught herself how to change her mindset.

She grew up in a family that taught her that the key to business growth is the experience a buyer has with a business. But, when set out in sales herself, she made all the same mistakes most sales professionals make — she made it all about herself and found it difficult to get traction with buyers.
Rather than throwing in the towel and getting a traditional 9-5, Carole shifted her mindset and transformed her marketing agency into a thriving sales coaching agency. Using her passion for growing small businesses and improving success for business owners and sales professionals, Carole now shares her hard-won perspectives with audiences across the country as a trusted author, keynote speaker, and sales mentor.

Carole recognized that a “me first” mentality was damaging the success of sales professionals and their reputation with buyers. Developing and using data and scientific research, she has proven time and again how invaluable a “Not About Me” approach is to sales performance and industry integrity.

The author of the upcoming book Buyer First, Carole has been called the “Sales Therapist” by a Harvard Business School professor, where she coaches on sales for the Entrepreneurial MBA program.

She is also the President of the AA-ISP Boston Chapter, been named as a top sales influencer by LinkedIn and Sales Hacker, and voted a top sales coach by Ambition.
As the founder of Unbound Growth, she uses sales specific data gathered from over 2.2 million sales professionals to determine what it takes to be a great seller or leader, and combines that with the behavioral research of how we change behaviors.

This science and data backed process helps uncertain sales and business leaders reduce the guesswork out of hiring the right salespeople and cuts their hiring time and costs in half with a 91 % success rate.

With custom sales training and coaching programs salespeople and managers have gone from on plan to consistently achieving 130-160% of quota in less than 6 months with a 98% annual customer retention rate.”

Carole is passionate about helping small businesses (and gardens) grow and giving sales professionals the tools they need to achieve success in their industry.


Buyer First: Your Business with Collaborative Selling

For individual business owners or sellers who have tried every tip, trick, and hack to get more sales but may not realize that it is their own mindset toward sales that is getting in the way of their sales success. “Buyer First: Grow Sales Without Pushy Tactics,” is an invaluable tool in their arsenal. Carole teaches audiences how to change their mindset and adopt the skill sets that create value with buyers — using research-backed data to change the way sales professionals behave with buyers and transform the perception of sales as a noble profession — essentially changing the way sales professionals think to change their profit opportunities.

Seller First: Inspire the Behaviors That Create the Outcomes

Carole teaches sales leaders or managers who engage with sellers and entrepreneurs how to change other people’s behaviors. Research has shown that a better approach to customer acquisition is an effective combination of technology, data, and the development of people. With this approach in mind, Carole reveals best practices for sales leaders and managers to create a safe environment for sellers to change their behaviors and adopt a buyer-first mindset and framework for prospecting through to customer retention.

The Renaissance Age of Sales

Designed for executive leaders, this keynote serves as a revolutionary sales approach. Similar to how the medical field went from questionable to respectable during The Renaissance, the sales process is also going through its own Renaissance period … one where professionals change how they see and respond to sales.